A Deflationary Solution with Periodic BURN and Virtual Casino

The project of the century! A brilliant idea that has the potential to change the future of Defi. We use our online casino and arcade games to boost liquidity. 5% automatic burn, 2% rewards for holders, 6% to liquidity pool. We burn from the supply every 48 hours. Holders are automatically entered into lottery draws every 15 days.


Slippage 13% 

Max buy 0.08-0.1 BNB

Why Hinu inu

5% Auto-Burn
Of each transaction is burnt automatically making the supply less and less
Virtual Casino
The tickets are bought with BNB and sent directly to the liquidity, and prizes are paid with Hinu inu tokens
100% Liquidity Locked
The liquidity is locked forever
Periodic Burn
Based on the trading volume, every 1-3 months we will keep burning from the circulating supply until the designated amount is finally destroyed
2% Reflection
Of every transcation is rewarded to holders
Massive Marketing Plan
We have prepared a massive marketing strategy that will make our unique use case reach the prefect audience
Two lottery draws are made every 30 days, and the winners are selected randomly
Professional Team
We put our professional experience in Cryptocurrencies, IT, and Finance into this project to come up with a solution to provide a stable income to the investors
  • Q1

    ○ 1k Telegram group members

    ○ prepare the contract for launch

    ○ Launching the contract and the initial burn of supply

    ○ 4 lottery draws

  • Q2

    ○ White paper

    ○ Techrate contract audit

    ○ CoinMarketCap and Coingecko listing

    ○ 10,000,000 Market Cap

    ○  Marketing campaign #1

    ○ 6 lottery draws

  • Q3

    ○ Launching the virtual casino

    ○ Marketing Campaign #2

    ○ 70,000,000 Market Cap

    ○ Certik smart contract audit

    ○ Team reveal

    ○ 6 Lottery Draws

    ○ Bitmart listing

  • Q4

    ○ The Integration of more games in the virtual casino

    ○ Hinu Inu's gambling mobile app

    ○ 500,000,000 Market Cap

    ○ Donation to charities

    ○ NFT marketplace

    ○ Marketing and publicity

    ○ 6 Lottery draws


Frequently Asked Questions